Introducing High Definition LEDs

2017-11-19 16:38:51 admin 26

The development of high definition LED s is rapidly changing all the time making it more cost effective and therefore more accessible to the mass industry. With the use of SMD LED s this allows for incredibly high resolutions down to 1.6mm pitch which until more recently was just not possible. And of course the smaller the pitch size the closer the viewing range, with stunning picture quality suitable for a viewing distance from as close as 0.5 metre.

With extensive experience in the LED industry over the years, we have focused heavily on research and development analysing image quality, pixel configuration and contrast ratio as well as brightness levels, viewing angles and a higher contrast. By utilising smaller size LED s and grouping the red, blue and green LED s closer together this provides a better looking image with improved colour mix, sharper lines, better images and more vivid colours.


Years of research and commitment means that we can offer an new extensive range of ultra high definition screens with high performance and reliabilty with only minimal maintenance costs.

The high definition module cabinets can be easily stacked to create a video wall to almost any size without a border, this gives you great flexibilty for indoor installations.

These high quality HD LED s extends the lifespan, optimiseds the image quality without degradation and offers incomparable image consistency which, of course, is of paramount importance.

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Why not give us a call at LEDsynergy and you can find out much more about our new and exciting range of high definition video screens.