• Introducing High Definition LEDs

    The development of high definition LED s is rapidly changing all the time making it more cost effective and therefore more accessible to the mass industry. With the use of SMD LED s this allows for in

    2017/11/19 admin 26

  • Why stick with a flat LED display?

    Break with convention and take your LED screen around the corners!Install your full colour LED screen around a column or create a full height LED box to get maximum exposure around 360 degrees.The LED

    2017/11/19 admin 29

  • LED Screens Used In Cinemas

    We have always known that bespoke LED displays were the best option for many businesses, but they have just gone up a level.Samsung is now offering movie screens made from LED displays, potentially ha

    2017/11/19 admin 45

  • LED Displays ‘Increasingly Important’ To Building Design

    The use of LED lights and displays on the exterior of buildings is becoming increasingly important in the US, with the LA Times highlighting the incredible light displays that have been inst

    2017/11/19 admin 42

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